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Do you know how to play knockout tournaments of poker in Greece properly and how to deal with high bounties on players or do you just play your regular game and are happy if you happen to win a bounty?

High bounties should have a massive impact on your game plan and strategy, but many players playing poker in Greece don’t really know how to adapt to these bounties, especially if the bounties are much higher than the expected regular tournament pay-out.

Most players playing poker tournament in Greece are making one mistake in those kinds of tournaments. They are way too timid when it comes to going all-in. We will show you why it’s imperative to be extremely liberal when it comes to big bounties and your willingness to be all-in even in unfavorable situations.

Roughly speaking, when the bounties are very high you should try to get all-in with the player that has the bounty on his head in all circumstances to try and kick him out of the tournament. EV considerations regarding the hand must take the bounty into account and are quickly turned completely upside down.

You are in the big blind with seven-deuce. What should you do?

You should most definitely call with seven-deuce!

Tips to improve Poker in Greece

Tips to improve Poker in Greece

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The history of Gambling and Poker in Greece

The history of Gambling and Poker in Greece

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Poker Phycology and Players in Greece

Poker Phycology and Players in Greece

Poker in Greece has been very popular and has a large audience and fan club that takes part in many games in order to achieve the victory. But victory depends on many factors. Some say it's about luck, others say it's about psychology. Really, have you ever wondered...

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