If you need a break or enjoy your favorite game.. there are many options to go to Athens and Crete
5 Poker Rooms available for Ring Games and Tournaments to play Poker in Greece.

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Our Poker Texas Holdem Rooms have become the standard-bearers for top quality live poker around Greece. Every Poker Room of our Network, connects the game’s best players for the richest live Ring Games with the highest quality poker experiences in Greece. Come and join the action!


Join us on upcoming events, schedules and exciting action from the Greece’s biggest poker tours. As well as hosting exciting live poker tournament festivals, our Network is also home to high-quality poker card rooms around Greece. Click through for more on each location.

Poker Texas Holdem Rooms in Greece

Find your nearest Poker Room and arrange your visit. Since all of them are part of OFITEX Club, becoming a member is necessary. Contact us for Free Membership.

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Get ready to live the excitement of Poker Texas Holdem in Greece.


“I have found Poker in Greece Network to be extensive and it helped very much to enjoy my game while visiting Greece.. I like the way it is set out and easy to reach every Poker Room.”

Jim Akol

“More than excited in playing my favorite game in Greece. Easy communication and transfer, professional stuff, and free drinks made my vacations worth more..”

Matte Collopy

“These guys are incredible.. I visited 2 of the Poker Rooms and was thrilled by the level of professionalism and aesthetics. Clean spaces and fun people. ”

Johnny Wilson

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