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What if you want to play for real money poker tournaments in Greece? You will need to enter a national casino or a poker room. Poker in Greece is considered as a game of chance according to legislation and that’s the reason why only in authorized casinos in Greece take place real money tournaments.

But where will you find the best Casinos in Greece? How will you arrive there?

More options are offered by the various poker clubs & poker rooms with tournaments in and around Greece. Here you can see a good list of all poker clubs & poker rooms in Greece:

Greece itself regrettably does not provide an own casino with a poker floor. Greece has its casinos mainly in little cities and outside the heart of the city. It is certainly easy to visit them by car or public transport. The majority have additional an own shuttle service. In case you decide to go by your own car, all casinos offer spacious parking space for poker players. Today, every casino in Greece regularly hosts real money poker games. There are as well tournament series and Poker Events that you can participate. In this article you’ll discover a list, sorted by federal states, of all places running poker with their individual schedule and all required facts.

Here you can see a good list of all poker clubs & poker rooms in Greece and some Casinos that offer poker in Greece:

Club Hotel Casino Loutraki : Club Hotel Casino Loutraki is home to one of the most luxurious Casinos ever. Experience the thrill of the games offering pleasure & excitement. It is one of the most famous and luxurious casinos in Greece, located in Loutraki.

Regency Casino Mont Parnes :  Regency Casino Mont Parnes is a pioneer with exciting games and raffles that take the fun to the next level. You can collect lotteries for the weekly draws even by entering the casino and become the next lucky person to win a lot of cash!

Regency Casino Thessaloniki: Of course, an amazing casino is in the co-capital. The private space of Regency Casino Thessaloniki offers its members exclusive and refined care in a discreet space of special aesthetics and imposing luxury.

Casino Rhodos : Casino Rodos S.A. was officially opened on 2nd of April 1999 while few months later, in October of 1999 acquired its current name as “Casino Rodos”. The aim of Casino Rodos and Grande Albergo delle Rose is to present a first-class entertainment complex that provides the upmost in class and sophistication and caters to the needs of all of our guests.  Casino Rodos and the Grande Albergo delle Rose boutique hotel complex is situated in Rhodes town, found on the northern tip of Rhodes Island, Greece.

These are some of the best places that offer incredible poker games in Greece, and you should visit them if you are a fan of poker. Poker in Greece, when it takes place in these casinos, is a unique experience that under no circumstances should miss.

Olympic Poker Games 2024

Olympic Poker Games 2024

Paris may be preparing for this year's Olympic Games, but we are organizing our own Olympics!! Marathons on our renewed tables, poker relays, and gold, silver, and bronze medals await our athletes over a period of one month and more with 200,000p GTD!! The event will...

Tips to improve Poker in Greece

Tips to improve Poker in Greece

More and more poker players in Greece are seeking tactics and strategies in order to become a more confident and profitable players. In the list below, are mentioned some tips that will help a poker player to improve his strategies whether he plays tournaments, cash...

The history of Gambling and Poker in Greece

The history of Gambling and Poker in Greece

Modern forms of gambling can be traced back too many ancient cultures, from China to Egypt and beyond. Yet, the truth is that ancient Greece played a bigger part in the development of modern forms of gambling than most places. A Look at the Origins of Gambling in...

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