Paris may be preparing for this year’s Olympic Games, but we are organizing our own Olympics!!

Marathons on our renewed tables, poker relays, and gold, silver, and bronze medals await our athletes over a period of one month and more with 200,000p GTD!!

The event will take place from June 24 to July 31, and the biggest guarantees will be in the following tournaments:

  • Great Marathon with 30,000p GTD
  • Gold Tour with 30,000p GTD
  • Gold Progressive with 20,000p GTD
  • Gold Mystery with 15,000p GTD
  • Silver Tour with 10,000p GTD
  • Gold Turbo with 10,000p GTD

Plus 20 side events with guarantees from 1,000p to 8,000p

  • Extra prizes will also be up for grabs!
  • Leaderboard for all special events with 500p/300p/200p for the top 3
  • Last longer first level in all race tours
  • Three tickets as a gift to the top players in each race tour

For the series qualifiers, tickets are already being given away in selected tournaments every day!
OFITEX.. ThePlace2be..

See the full program here..